Since the discovery of aflatoxins in 1962, mycotoxin contamination became a public health concern with serious economic and ethical implications.

A safely and better food availability is at stake
Signing the Mycotox Charter is a great deed of active participation to constructing it.


Mycotoxins contaminate a wide range of agricultural products. They occur mostly in nuts, peanuts butter and oleaginous seeds, but can contaminate also cereals, milk, cheese, maize grains and derived products worldwide.

Research contributions

Section dedicated to people involved in researches, issues, topics, regulation, politics relevant to mycotoxin contamination of food worldwide. Latest news, suggestions, new protocols, new relevant publications, etc… can be uploaded here by registering.
The publication of data will be validated by a panel of experts.

Questions and informations

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By signing the MycoKey Charter, we declare our concrete and active support for the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.